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Book Review: How To Build The Perfect Rake

I’ve read some of Kate Harper‘s work before; I very much enjoyed the Midnight Masquerade series last year. When I saw this book on Amazon, the title is what drew me in and I was more than willing to give it a go because I know the author and the fact that I like her read more »

Book Review: The Mistress At Midnight

I anticipated reading The Mistress At Midnight much more after finishing The Maiden At Midnight much more than I had anticipated continuing the series after reading The Marquis At Midnight. I’d enjoyed book 2 in the Midnight Masquerade series immensely and I held high hopes for book 3.

Book Review: The Maiden At Midnight

After reading The Marquis At Midnight, I didn’t really hold much in the way of expectations for the rest of Kate Harper‘s “Midnight Masquerade” series, but I saw no reason not to at least give them a go. The Maiden At Midnight was next on my list, and boy was I surprised!

Book Review: The Marquis At Midnight

Going back to what I love best, I read The Marquis At Midnight. The book appeared to be a quintessential regency romance, and exactly what I was in the mood for.