About Me

This is me. My name’s Alanna.

I was born in Ireland in the late 80s and I’m incredibly proud to call myself Irish, despite the fact that I have lived in Kent, England since I was 6. I currently live with my boyfriend, Dan, and our two cats, Cocoa and Chocolate (I will talk about them a lot!).

I’m an eclectic kinda person, in the sense that I have a lot of different and varying interests, including photography, space, history, reading, rom coms and rubber ducks (I collect them, the total count at the moment is 33). My musical tastes follow the same pattern; I listen to everything from Bon Jovi to Westlife.

Family is massively important to me – I come from a large extended family. I only have one brother and my parents are still together, but I have 13 first cousins, countless second and third cousins, 7 uncles and 6 aunts and one remaining granddad. Most of my family live in Northern Ireland and Nottingham which means I don’t get to see them a lot.

I have a few things in life I couldn’t live without: my partner Dan, my family (obviously), my best friend Elly, my cats, my phone, my music, my camera and photos and chocolate.

If you want to know anything else about me, email me at: alanna@celticbutterfly.co.uk or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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