Book Review: Dawn Of Avalon

I’ve always been fascinated by Arthurian legends. The idea of a King who was destined to protect the land and his all-powerful ally caught my imagination from a very young age. When I came across Dawn Of Avalon on the Amazon free chart, it seemed liked something that would be “right up my alley”. It is a stand-along short novel that is part of the bigger series written by Anna Elliott, a prequel to what happens in the rest of the series. Continue reading

Book Review: The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife

So it’s 2013, and I’ve set myself a new reading challenge on Goodreads. I’m going to attempt to read 75 books this year, and my first pick for the year is Ruth Ann Nordin’s The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife. I’ve not read anything by Ruth Ann Nordin before but the book blurb sounded fairly interesting and I’m a sucker for any regency romance. Continue reading

Book Review: Edge Series

Contemporary novels used to be all I read, but since I have discovered my love of historical romance I haven’t had much time for the contemporary stuff. Because of this, I make a conscious effort to read something contemporary every once in a while. I came across Jennifer Comeaux’s Edge series in a book newsletter I subscribe to and figured I’d go for something a little unique – romance novels in an ice-skating setting. Continue reading

Book Review: Redeeming The Deception Of Grace

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken, and as well as reading her work I like to see what she’s reading as she seems to enjoy similar works to me. I noticed on Goodreads and Twitter that she seemed very interested in Redeeming The Deception Of Grace by Kristen Vayden, so I thought I’d give it a go. Continue reading

Book Review: Punish Me With Roses

A few weeks ago, I read The Hidden Heiress by Juliet Moore and decided that I wanted to read more of her work. I already had Punish Me With Roses on my Kindle, so that was next on the list.  Continue reading

Book Review: What Would Mr Darcy Do?

I’ve read one of Abigail ReynoldsPride And Prejudice variations before, Mr Darcy’s Refuge, and I absolutely loved it. I wanted to give another one of her variations a go and What Would Mr Darcy Do was the first of the remaining five that caught my attention.  Continue reading

Book Review: Over The Mistletoe

Given that Christmas is almost upon us, I felt it was time I read some Christmassy stories – I’m feeling particularly festive this year so I have no rules about it being December before I indulge. Over The Mistletoe seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  Continue reading

Book Review: Bed, Breakfast & Beyond

Paranormal stories normally don’t grab my attention, but Astraea Press sent through Bed, Breakfast & Beyond in their promo newsletter and I was intrigued by the idea of amorous ghosts. I decided I’d find out whether or not I could get past the idea of the paranormal and enjoy the book for what it was.

Continue reading

Book Review: The Toymaker

When I read the synopsis for The Toymaker, I was hooked and instantly wanted to read it. I need say no more, so I’m just going to get into what I thought of the story.  Continue reading

Book Review: Time For A Duke

I don’t often read fantasy-type novels, but when I read the synopsis for Time For A Duke it reminded me of Kate & Leopold. That alone gave me enough reason to give it a go, so here’s what I thought.  Continue reading