Monthly Archives: January 2013

Book Review: The de Montforte Brothers Series

I love a good freebie from the Kindle store; I’ve discovered many books that I would have otherwise been unaware of because they were free on the Kindle store. The Wild One by Danelle Harmon was one of those freebies. Reading this first book in a series of 4 lead me immediately on to the read more »

Book Review: Dawn Of Avalon

I’ve always been fascinated by Arthurian legends. The idea of a King who was destined to protect the land and his all-powerful ally caught my imagination from a very young age. When I came across Dawn Of Avalon on the Amazon free chart, it seemed liked something that would be “right up my alley”. It read more »

Book Review: The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife

So it’s 2013, and I’ve set myself a new reading challenge on Goodreads. I’m going to attempt to read 75 books this year, and my first pick for the year is Ruth Ann Nordin’s The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife. I’ve not read anything by Ruth Ann Nordin before but the book blurb sounded fairly interesting and read more »