Monthly Archives: December 2012

Book Review: Edge Series

Contemporary novels used to be all I read, but since I have discovered my love of historical romance I haven’t had much time for the contemporary stuff. Because of this, I make a conscious effort to read something contemporary every once in a while. I came across Jennifer Comeaux’s Edge series in a book newsletter read more »

Book Review: Redeeming The Deception Of Grace

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Van Dyken, and as well as reading her work I like to see what she’s reading as she seems to enjoy similar works to me. I noticed on Goodreads and Twitter that she seemed very interested in Redeeming The Deception Of Grace by Kristen Vayden, so I thought I’d read more »

Book Review: Punish Me With Roses

A few weeks ago, I read The Hidden Heiress by Juliet Moore and decided that I wanted to read more of her work. I already had Punish Me With Roses on my Kindle, so that was next on the list.