Monthly Archives: September 2012

Book Review: No Job For A Woman

I recently received an email from an author; a request to review her book. I was honoured to be asked – I’m still quite new to reviewing books so for someone to specifically ask me to do so felt great. I read the product description on Amazon and the book in question seemed to be read more »

Book Review: Lady Iona’s Rebellion

Carrying on my recent trend of being slightly addicted to a slighty “hot under the collar” regency romance, the next book on my reading list was Lady Iona’s Rebellion by Dorothy McFalls. She’s not an author I was previously aware of, but I came across the book on Goodreads, and I’m always filling to find read more »

Book Review: The Mistress At Midnight

I anticipated reading The Mistress At Midnight much more after finishing The Maiden At Midnight¬†much more than I had anticipated continuing the series after reading The Marquis At Midnight. I’d enjoyed book 2 in the Midnight Masquerade series immensely and I held high hopes for book 3.

Book Review: Whispered Music

It’s that time again – Rachel van Dyken has written another book for me to devour. I’ve reached a point in my affection for Rachel van Dyken‘s reading where I’m desperate for the next book to be released. Who would have thought that picking up Sebastian St James’ story all those months ago would have read more »

Book Review: The Maiden At Midnight

After reading The Marquis At Midnight, I didn’t really hold much in the way of expectations for the rest of Kate Harper‘s “Midnight Masquerade” series, but I saw no reason not to at least give them a go. The Maiden At Midnight was next on my list, and boy was I surprised!

Book Review: Celtic Skies

I have (not so) patiently been awaiting the third instalment of the Celtic Steel series by Delaney Rhodes since reading the first two instalments (Celtic Storms and Celtic Shores) ¬†in the same afternoon back in May. I’ve been checking Amazon on an almost daily basis since the start of August (it’s supposed release date) and read more »

Book Review: The Marquis At Midnight

Going back to what I love best, I read The Marquis At Midnight. The book appeared to be a quintessential regency romance, and exactly what I was in the mood for.