Monthly Archives: March 2012

iTunes Match

Just a quick post. I’m a great lover of music, and I love spending my day at work hooked up to my headphones bopping away at my desk while I work. Unfortunately, my 60gb library is on my personal laptop and there is no way I was ever going to consider moving that to my read more »

Book Review: The Devil Of Kilmartin

After reading The Legacy Of MacLeod books from my previous book review and enjoying them as much as I did, I was eager to go back and read the author’s, Laurin Wittig, first book, The Devil Of Kilmartin. I had really enjoyed her writing style in the first two books that I had read and read more »

Book Review: The Legacy Of MacLeod

I’ve cheated a little with this book review; it’s actually a review for a book series, rather than just a single book. The Legacy Of MacLeod actually consists of two books written by Laurin Wittig; the first, Charming The Shrew and the second, Daring The Highlander. I came across Laurin Wittig and this series when Daring The Highlander read more »